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- COADs (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) are groups of community organizations, businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together to plan community responses to a variety of emergency and disaster situations.

- There are several active COADs in the St. Louis region, including the
St. Louis City-County COAD, the St. Charles County COAD, and the Franklin County COAD. 

- As of September 2015, COADs are still forming for the other counties that make up the St. Louis region.

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Are You Ready For ANY Emergency?
Are You Ready For An Emergency?
 Find out where to go when you need information before, during, and after an emergency.
What's In An Emergency Kit?
Pull together the essentials you need to survive for a few hours or a few days.
Resources In Your Neighborhood.
Learn more about the types of emergencies we could face in the St. Louis region, and how to prepare.
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